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Intech Power Services

We are offering a wide range of Generator, Electrical Generator, Power generator, Electric Power Generator for various industrial uses. Our premium quality generators are worldwide used. Complete Range of Diesel/Gas operated Generating Sets from 7.5 KVA to 3000 KVA (2.4 MW) powered with World-renowned Engines Complete range of Electrical Panels i.e. P.C.C. and Bus Ducting up to 6250 Amps. MCC Panels, Control & Relay Panels, AMF Panels, PLC based Auto Synchronizing and Auto Load Sharing Panel etc. Our Panels are approved at CPRI, Bhopal for short circuit and IP: 54 degree of protection. World class Silent / Acoustic Gen sets from 7.5 KVA to 3000 KVA.

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Diesel Generator

Ashok Leyland offers seven models of Diesel Generators for Genset Application AL range for Diesel Application ranging from 10KVA to250 KVA. Diesel Generator varies from10 KVA to250KVA. We have a better service network in each and every port, anytime they will be available for your service.

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Quality Services

We are the pioneer in fishing application, supplied 200 plus Gensets from past 3 years. Which is provone, you can rely on Leyland Gensets, diesel tank to be lacked for avoiding diesel overflow in waves & airlock problem, additional holes made as an option to connect diesel tank from outside.

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